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Electron Beam Scattering Simulator


Electron Beam Scattering Simulator may be used in various fields. Electron beam applied technologies will be invaluable as one of the next-generation key technologies. They are expected to play an important role also in mask writing on wafers, the writing system for optical disks, testing and evaluation for defects or distance measurement with SEM or TEM, the pasteurization system, and the electron beam curing substance system as well as in advanced lithography. The Electron Beam Scattering Simulator incorporates a variety of analytical functions in the simulation core to cover key application fields.


Product Lineup

  1. 1.3D Electron Beam Lithography Simulator FabMeister-EL
  2. 2.3D SEM/STEM Analysis Simulator FabMeister-EB

Analysis under Contract

We offer a service of analysis under contract by our staff engaged in the development of Electron Beam Scattering Simulator.

Joint Development

We are also ready to work with every customer for optimum development to meet precise application needs by utilizing the Electron Beam Scattering Simulator.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Simulation Core

Simulation Core

Scattering of electrons in a given substance can be analyzed by the Monte Carlo simulation method.
By adopting an analysis model of greater accuracy that takes into consideration possible generation of secondary electrons, various analyses of electron beam scattering can be attained at a very high accuracy, including the monitoring of electrons reflected at the surface and of secondary electrons, analysis of backscattering in consideration of possible effects of secondary electrons, and analysis of proximity effects.


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