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PEFC Simulation Software Package P-Stack

P-Stack is a simulation software package for estimating power generation performance and analyzing internal phenomena of polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC). P-Stack accelerates the developments of cells and stacks for PEFC by: revealing internal phenomena that cannot be observed by experiments, reducing the trial manufacturing cost through performance estimations of new cells and stacks, and predicting material degradation under various conditions.

MIZUHO Global Agri-Innovation

We are supporting Japanese agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries to successfully expand their business to global markets.

Electron Beam Scattering Simulator

VS-M/EB may be used in various fields. Electron beam applied technologies will be invaluable as one of the next-generation key technologies. They are expected to play an important role also in mask writing on wafers, the writing system for optical disks, testing and evaluation for defects or distance measurement with SEM or TEM, the pasteurization system, and the electron beam curing substance system as well as in advanced lithography. The VS-M/EB incorporates a variety of analytical functions in the simulation core to cover key application fields.

3D Anisotropic-Etching Simulator FabMeister-ES

MICROCAD is an anisotropic-etching process simulation system, which is equipped with a database of orientation dependent etching rates of single crystal silicon. When crystallographic orientation of the wafer, mask layout, etching media and etching conditions such as its concentration and temperature are given, it calculates 3D shapes of etching profiles according to increments of the etching time. This new system makes it possible to predict convex etching profiles composed of a number of different crystal planes. This system is superior to other systems which assume only a few principal planes appear on etching profiles.

Ion Implantation Simulator FabMeister-IM

FabMeister-IM is a calculation tool of the impurities distribution. Impurity distribution analysis technique developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. FabMeister-IM extracts parameters of the analytical function from SIMS data and predict impurities distribution accurately in arbitrary ion implantation conditions. More highly precise ion implantation distribution can get compare with the simulation results such as TRIM(SRIM). Monte Carlo simulation can also use.

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